Welcome to the Crystal Millennium! Running since March 1999, CM is a Sailor Moon-themed role-playing game which uses original characters (not the Sailor Senshi). We have three different groups of heroes and currently two different groups of villains; browse our site and see where you fit in! All profiles and detailed group information can be found on each group's individual homepage.

For those of you already members of CM, check out the resources we have for you on the site. Don't forget about the new sourcebooks!

Latest Updates
7.28.05: CM will be under construction for the next few days as broken links are being fixed. Basically the site is getting updated. Woo.  Right now All links underneath the 'site map' and underneath 'About CM' have been fixed up. Underneath 'More Information' some links have been taken out some added, and the Crystal Senshi page's links were fixed. That's it for now. 

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Disclaimer: The (new) Crystal Millennium is copyright 1999 The Crystal Court. The Crystal Millennium is copyright 1999-05 The Crystal Court. Sailor Moon is copyright Naoko Takeuchi. We are in no way affiliated with the creator of Sailor Moon, and are presenting The Crystal Millennium for amusement. No profit is made from this site or role-playing game.