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Here you will find the galleries for all the different houses in Dread Kingdom
(The Villans) and for Crystal Millennium (The Good Guys).

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This site also contains the new AR board. Come, visit, read and enjoy the postings from Alternate Reality.

Update: 12/28/03
Major Site Redo: Rebuilt all galleries and new layout.

Update: 12/03/02
Installed the Crystal Millennium message board and posting forums! Come and sign up. If you have any questions please ask!

Update: 12/2/02
Massive updates all around. We now have pictures in the Tenshi Gallery as well as new ones in Crystal Senshi, Luna, Dracos, and Doom galleries. Way to go! Also I will be adding all the fanfics to this site when they are finished.

Update: 8/30/02
Added Several new pictures to the DK gallery. Also The AR archive is about 1/2 done. 15000 Posts is a lot to go through ya know!

Update: 8/2/02
Recreated All Flash Banners except for House Apocalypse. Check em out!

Update: 8/1/02
Repaired galleries and updated Email addresses

Update: 7/19/02
Added the Dagger House gallery and Greifer's pic to Lycanthro Gallery

Update: 7/18/02
Updated several galleries.

Update: 7/8/02
Added Crystal Senshi and Black Moon Galleries, Fixed links in navagation.

Update: 6/28/02
Added many pages, Activated link bar, Added Mirth House gallery, and It's my B-Day!

Update: 6/27/02
New Layout and Navagation Bar.


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