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     This site has been established to provide the Online RPG community with a reliable home and access to functionality and tools that would otherwise be unavailable with other free hosts. The domain is owned and operated by Jake Bradley of J.B.E. and Wormhole Productions. As this site is a work in progress it may not be as creative as some of the other hosts on the internet.

     With the introduction of the internet the RPG community has grown and needs to constantly seek out new hosts. This is where I come in and provide a host to ANYBODY that needs a good home for their site. For information about what you can access here please follow the links to the left.

     Please direct all questions about this domain to Jake Bradley and all questions about the individual communities to their respective owners. For contact information for the individual you may ask the web master and unless specified that they are not to be contacted in their contractual agreement.

4/26/03: Site Launch!

     The site has officially launched. Hosting is now offered to those who need it. Contact information along with the sites being hosted can be found on the left.


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